Mistakes have been made, people!!!! (my strange day)

I can only plead NOT guilty by reason of sleep deprivation and an overwhelming to-do list.

 I woke up yesterday morning very disoriented (3 hours of sleep will do that to you) and rushed to get the kids ready and feed them breakfast and get them in the car and drive them to school.... at 7:35am.

They go to school at 8:40am.  So we drove back home and played for an hour.
"Oh Mommy, you're so silly."

And then today:

I'm in the middle of a bathroom redo/update.  For now the walls were only getting a paint touch up due to some of the changes.
(stay tuned for the reveal, I hope)

I pride myself on being organized, but today I have proven that I am only organized enough to be dangerous.  I have the paint cans in the basement labeled with what room, wall or piece of furniture the paint was used for.  So, I grabbed the paint can that said "1/2 bath".  It's been a couple of years since I'd used that paint, but here are some guidelines my paint guy told me to follow when it comes to old paint.  1) has it ever been frozen?  No.  Then 2) does it smell bad, as in rotten?  If no, then shake or stir and see if it looks okay.  If it's under 7 years old and has been sealed, then it's probably okay.

this picture has nothing to do with the story, I just really like these chairs

Well, the paint smelled kinda funny.  Not bad, just strong.  Weird.  But, I was too busy to give it much thought. It looked fine, so off I went.  This morning, the second day of painting, I looked up and it occurred to me that the paint seemed really LIGHT compared to the tan/beige/taupe color that was already there.  Maybe it's just the bad lighting.  But come to think of it, it was kinda hard to wash off my hands and ..... CRAP.... yes, I'd painted with the trim paint (Alkyd) instead of the wall paint.  This is not my first paint rodeo, how did I not notice?

Keep calm, carry on, sigh in exasperation, decide it's too late and I'll probably be thankful in the long run so just...keep...painting.  (if you say this in the voice of Dory from Finding Nemo, it sounds better)

Oh, did I mention that I'm supposed to be baking cookies for my sons' Christmas program tonight?

 Oh, and my laptop monitor seems to have a short, so I better take that apart and see what the problem is.
Most people... "darn laptop... I'd better take it somewhere for a repair".  Me... "darn laptop, I'd better pop the hood, easily find the problem, quickly repair it and put the laptop back together before lunch."
Um, yeah.

You see, I don't let things like rational thought sneak in and disrupt my plan of complete domination of inanimate household objects. (which may turn into destruction).

So far I've remove 147 screws from the laptop and it appears I'm halfway there.  I'm taking a break to bake cookies and finish painting that bathroom!

**9:40pm update:  The bathroom is nearly complete, the laptop fix was a success, the Rudolph and Clarisse cookies turned out cuter than expected and my kiddos went to bed happy.  Funny how a strange day can end so happily.  Thanks for listening.


  1. Oh my! Good luck with all that!

  2. @Anonymous
    Thanks! I won't lie, I'm still a little shocked that the laptop even powered on at all! - L

  3. so glad you found my blog! i'm following back, nice to meet you!


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