Ugly Dresser Makeover

Ugly? Yes! $9.99? Yes! I had so much inspiration for this piece that I knew I could make it something special!
I especially love the amazing transformations from Brooke at All Things Thrifty!  
I always love what she does with color, but I ended up with a favorite, Blue Ocean Breeze, from Krylon - it's like an edgier Tiffany blue!

I had to repair two drawers and replace the center pull.

Not for this piece, saving this color for another day!

 After a coat of primer and paint.

I made the decision to glaze this with a mocha, rather than black!

Almost finished!  (I don't like the center pull - I'll keep looking for the perfect one)

Finally! I love the way it looks in our wide hallway.  

 I'm still contemplating replacing all the pulls (who can resist all the beauties at Anthropologie?)
Dresser $9.99
Primer $3.99 x 3
Krylon Blue Ocean Breeze $3.24 x 3
Valspar Mocha Glaze (already owned)
Metal paint for hardware (already owned)
Total for project $34.92 + tax

I received so many positive comments on this one as it was sitting, half-finished in my garage, that I began to love it even more! ~ Thoughts?

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  1. Mmmm, super duper gorgeous! Not just because that happens to be my favorite color either! :) Thanks for linking up at Trash To Treasure on Kammy's Korner!

    p.s. your boys are CUTE!

  2. I love this! This is something I would have just passed by, now I will take a 2nd look at this stuff. Great work. Visiting from MMS.

    ps I host a linky party every Friday, I would love it if you could stop by and link up. Thanks!

  3. @Good Time Charlie
    I agree! Thanks so much for your kind words! I'll plan to be there on Friday - thanks!

  4. okay, this is a total monster turned hot momma! i def would have passed on it even at that price. you've got a good eye! and before you shell out $ for new hardware, paint then sand the originals and they might not bother you so much!!

    well done!!

    1. How did I miss this comment? Sorry, just plain rude of me! :) Thanks!!

  5. Wow! What a beauty! I love her. I wish I had a wide hallway to put something like that in. Did you end up changing the pulls? What did you use on top to style it?

    1. Kim, thanks! I ended up leaving the pulls, they really do feel appropriate for the style! The top is an ever-changing thing. I guess it's almost my "upstairs mantel"! Right now I have a globe, some great finials, and a couple of old blue atlas canning jars! Thanks for visiting! - Lori

  6. O.M.G.! I stumbled on your blog via threemangoseeds and I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE THIS! I have almost the exact same dresser! It was given to us when we first got married! I envisioned it as a "buffet" type piece for my dining room but was a little afraid of putting all that time and effort into it not sure of how it would turn out! I LOVE IT! I will definately be keeping the dresser and refinishing it.... perhaps a deep golden yellow? Woo Hoo I'm doing a happy dance seeing this!Please checkout my blog, I'm a newbie!

    <3 your blog,

  7. Looks great. Thanks for visiting my blog. I've followed you back. You've got some awesome stuff as well.


  8. I loove this piece! I have been wanting to redo a piece with lines like your dresser. I actually found one for FREE on Craigslist, but by the time I got in touch with my husband for the truck - it was gone! I think I cried a little on the inside.

    Beautiful work!

  9. Oh my goodness. I have my very own UGLY dresser. Same era. Have been wanting to do something with it. But hadn't seen it actually used in any DIY features before. Thank You!

  10. Lori: I love your piece. I have one similar... my question to you is this... is your piece a laminate? I love the look of hardwood on the top of these pieces, but have never removed laminate before and don't even know what I would find underneath. but I am finding more and more laminate when the piece is as decorative as these. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    thank you


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