Inspired by Pinterest - Bacon Pancake-y Things

I'm going to try at least one of the amazing projects that I've pinned on Pinterest and share my attempt each Monday. (Even if the outcome is embarrassing. Like this one.)

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I pinned these yummy looking bacon pancakes from Mr. Breakfast.

Bacon cooking.  Seriously, I don't have a griddle.  Isn't that the saddest thing you've ever heard? 

  The instructions were to make the batter with less liquid than normal to keep the batter from running.  Maybe the Wheat & Honey mix had something to do with it, but the batter seemed too thick.

Okay, these are seriously not pretty.

{And then I started to remember my recent introduction to Brunch from My Drunk Kitchen.  I swear my coffee was straight, but once I started giggling, I couldn't stop.  I'm laughing now.  Just Google it.  I take no responsibility for how hard you laugh.  No kids in the room though.}

Anyway, everyone thought they tasted good, but given a decent amount of syrup, doesn't EVERYTHING?  

Honestly, when I cut into one, the bacon fell away from the pancake anyway, so why not just cook pancakes and bacon separately and then put them together at the end?  Mystery solved.

So, what have we learned today? 1) Clearly, Martha has nothing to fear from me and 2) sometimes the simplest method is best, at least at my house!

Have you tried these?  Was your outcome better (or at least prettier) than mine?

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No-Sew Window Treatments (Tutorial)

The guest room that doubles as the play room is a decorating conundrum (don'tcha love that word?).  On a typical day (as in: no guests are coming) if you can manage to walk through without the pain of stepping on a Lego, then you WIN.  I wanted to update the window treatments for the room, but let's face it - it's the home to toys for three boys - no designer fabrics required.  So here's what I did:

I started with a 12" x 15" canvas drop cloth.  The package said that the actual measurements were 11" 9" x 14" 9" (hmmmm?)  Anyway, I washed, dried and ironed it and then remeasured to find their exact size.

Based on my window measurements, I wanted the canvas to hang 94", not including the rod and rings.  I cut it at 95" to allow a 1" seam (the drop cloth was hemmed all the way around, so that was one less hem I had to do on the top or bottom of each).  I decided on 3 curtains as the room has 2 windows side by side.

In the photo below the "bottom" of the curtain has already been cut to 95".  You can see I took the measurements of the entire width and divided the it into 1/3's and allowed an additional inch for the center curtain since it wouldn't be hemmed on either side. (remember, the outer 2 pieces already had one hem).  By doubling the fabric and measuring that distance in from the two outer (separate) edges, I was able to only make two cuts total!  (does that make sense?)

Since my sewing skills haven't improved since the last time I claimed I was going to learn how to sew, I bought 2 rolls of Heat n Bond, a no-sew hem tape.  I ironed in a 1" crease on any side that didn't already have a hem to make sure that the edges were crisp, then I applied the tape.

With the iron on medium heat, I adhered the sticky side.  Once it cooled, I removed the paper backing, folded over the raw edge of the fabric and iron again until the heat penetrated the fabric and the bonding tape.  Once it cooled, I was left with nice, clean edges!  This method is really easy but it was time consuming based on how large the fabric was.

Once the hems were finished, I added a 6" stripe with matte Chocolate colored fabric paint.  First I measured and marked 9" and 15" from the top of curtain lightly with a pencil.  Then I taped and remeasured.  I also taped some newspaper down on my awesome craft table kitchen floor, just in case there was any bleed through (there was).
I started out using just a brush but quickly realized that if I didn't want this to be an all-day project, I'd better get a roller.  I used a 2" foam roller and it was perfect!


Here they are on the window.  (I cleaned up all those Legos just for you, my GUEST!!!)

(Someone should've warned me how difficult it is to photograph windows!)

This entire room is getting an overhaul soon, this is the first step, stay tuned!

  • Based on my window size, I could probably have done these with a smaller canvas but I know I'll have plenty of uses for the remaining fabric, so I didn't mind.  There are so many sizes available - possibly one that's the perfect size for your windows, so that you wouldn't have to hem at all.
  •  Definitely wash the canvas before you use it.  It was dusty but was just fine once it was clean and dry.
  • This project cost less than $40!  (I was fortunate enough to already have the curtain rod and rings, stencil, and fabric paint on hand.)
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Buffet Beautification!!

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There is no formal dining room in our home.  Well, the room itself exists, it's just been repurposed.  Hubby and I decided a few years ago that a "lounge" was in order.
(Can't you hear the music and see us dancing cheek-to-cheek in the low lighting?  Yep, that's a joke).
Since the formal dining room had been used all of twice in 3 years, it was an easy decision.  We sold our nice dining room table, chairs and buffet on Craigslist. (ugh, what were we thinking?), put in a gorgeous bar, some comfy chairs and added some animal print, and vintage bar accessories.

The "jungle room" has been a place where serious and silly conversations have taken place and more than a few party pics have been snapped.  But mostly it's a place where you can relax and laugh and just BE, with no television or video games.  As a family, it worked for us.  I say "worked" because I've recently taken over the space as my place to stack furniture and other unfinished projects to the ceiling office.

My reason for telling you this is that I have no reason to own a buffet/sideboard.  There is no space for one, no need for one, and yet, when I saw this one I knew I wanted to give it a new life (for someone)!

The wood was solid, and the legs and curves were nice.  The backsplash was missing and it had some veneer damage, but it was minimal and you know I love a challenge!
I recruited routing help to give her a little tiara.  Thanks Dad!

I also considered new hardware, since the tarnished grey stuff wasn't doin' it for me, but then I remembered the greatest of all "de-gunkers" - Diet Coke.  After a quick soaking, they were back to their original beauty... and WOOO, they were bright and brassy!

This is after 2 coats of paint, with no distressing or topcoat.
(I was just giving that hardware a test-drive)

I distressed, glazed, dry brushed, and then sealed; some of which was overkill.  After trying about 5 different sets, I decided that the original pulls were what I liked, just not in their bright, brassy state.  So, rather than buying new and after all that de-gunking, I ended up painting them lightly with Rustoleum Hammered Brown.
(I know - "make up your mind, woman!")

In all her glory...

I'm very happy with the transformation!


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