Playing Catch Up!

Here a few more pieces that I've finished over the summer.  I won't even pretend that I did a very good job of taking before, during or even after shots of these, so forgive the photography (some were even taken on my phone - yikes!)

Orange Sherbet dresser.  I think this is my husband's favorite.  I love the detailed hardware around the keyholes.

Sandstone Cove chest of drawers.  Remember this one?  It used to have numbers here.  It's so much better with a coat of paint, despite what I claimed before!!  Just look at those legs!

The Zebra chair - you know how I love those shield back chairs!

Another Union Jack. Trunk style this time! During...

and after!

Cutest side table ever!

(please ignore the air compressor and golf bag!)
Look at those fun legs!

 See?  Proof that I didn't spend the whole summer lounging!

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Primitive and Proper

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Report Card & What I've been up to!

Now back to our regularly scheduled program....

(107 degrees = stringy hair and serious painting face)
Unexcused Absence.

That's what it would say on my blog report card.

While I wasn't writing and editing photographs, I WAS busy with eleventy-four thousand projects.  And I DID manage to photograph at least a few of them.

And I HAVE gotten myself a little more organized.

SO, I'm going to do my best to get you all caught up on the furniture whirlwind that has been going on in my studio.  So, stay tuned!!!



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