Wordle Work - More fun with Subway Art!

As you can probably imagine, I gave a very personal piece of Subway Art as a Christmas present to one of my family members.  I used a little different technique to create this one and I thought I'd share it here.

 My son's second-grade teacher introduced me to a website called Wordle and I think it's a really fun way to create!  It's basically a free "word image" generator created by some smarty-pants at IBM.  The possibilities are endless - you can decide on color, font, capitalization and make your words horizontal or vertical only or mostly... the list of options goes on and on.

Example: New Year's Resolution, by Anonymous
Source: Wordle

The frequency that you enter each word determines the words size.  In my example (at the top of the page) I wanted Dennis and Jennifer to be the largest words, so I put them in about 15 times each.  Then for the next size down I'd pasted the names 11 times each and so on. I found it helpful to just make tick marks to count and did a lot of copying and pasting.  In the example above, the author clearly used each word the same number of times.

Once you've decided on the font, color, sizes, etc, you can continue to "randomize" the words and until it forms a shape or is in the order that you like.

Here's another example I found today:
Source: Wordle Anonymous

Once you have your design the way you want it, take a screen shot (on my laptop it's function and print screen) and use "paint" or another similar program to save it to, then crop it in Picasa or other editing program.  Based on some copyright issues, you can't just save the document.
It's probably a good idea to read the FAQ's before you get started, just in case.

Then I uploaded my image to the Staples print center.  The print that was large enough to work with a 25 x 30 canvas cost $2.12 (cheap!).  From there I just adhered it to the canvas and glazed and distressed in the typical fashion.  
For the full tutorial on this, click HERE.

Another anonymous example:

Source: Wordle Anonymous

One word of caution: the gallery is public.  So, for example, when I made my nephew's birth sign, I took a screen shot once it was done but chose NOT to save it to the gallery.  The whole world didn't need to know his stats!!

I think all of these would make unique, personal art!  So, go to www.wordle.net and play around then come back and let me know what you've come up with!!

Linking this idea up here:
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  1. I can vouch for the finished product looking really cool! Good work.

    1. Aww, thank you! I'll make you your very own (once I know the additional name that MUST be added!) xoxox - L

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