I want to talk about...

Okay, don't roll your eyes.  I'll be brief. 
 I try pretty hard not to take myself too seriously and a lot of what I say is tongue-in-cheek!  Anyway, it might help if you knew a little more about me, so here goes!

I am:
a wife and a Mom to 3 boys 
focused and easily distracted, early but always in a hurry, practical and silly, loving and impatient,
        emotional and succinct; a smartypants airhead
no one special but really important to a few people
sleep deprived but happy


What I love:
Hubs and the little dudes (and countless other people, too)
humor...funny ALWAYS wins me over
mirrors (not in a vain way)
instant gratification
the beach
the word LOVE
parenthesis, and gratuitous exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What I dislike:
the word hate - because I might see a different point of view and feel "softer" about it tomorrow
anyone who is mean to my little dudes (okay, I HATE that)
anyone who it still compensating for what they were or weren't in high school (duh)
sanding and all other tedious jobs
people (of any gender) who don't hold the door for the next person
people who don't smile back
cancer (obvious HATE)
capitalization for use other than emphasis (see above)
any temperature reading that starts with a -

What I THINK I know:
sometimes you have to work VERY hard to find the silver lining and sometimes that stupid
          #$!/*%#@  lining needs sanded, painted, and encouraged to shine
my Mom was right
everyone and everything is a "work in progress"

So, see?  I'm just like you (not too much drama!)  So, who are you?  Yep, I really want to know!!!

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