The truth and nothing but... fun!

I recently took part in an idea exchange of sorts where bloggers like myself got the chance to anonymously critique 2 other blogs.   In return, we each got kudos and advice on our own blogs.

It was a fun chance to see something new, but I was especially looking forward to some honest feedback.

The verdict:  Overall the comments were very positive!  I won't go into detail, but I was flattered and glad that each reader got an overall feeling of who I am and what I'm trying to convey.

Here were some of the suggestions for improvement:

One person noted that my posts seemed too wide, so I checked and they seem to be standard and the same size as most other blogs (at least the ones I read).

She(?) also thought I didn't post often enough. I promise I'm working on finding a balance, mmmkay?  I truly feel that my projects should take up more of my time than blogging itself and the writing, editing, photography, editing, etc. are very time consuming.  (Not to mention that whole family/household/personal life thing - ha!)

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Another peer felt that my background was boring and didn't fit in with my blog title and my style.  I have to say, I totally agree!  It looks like someone painted old siding with pepto.  However, whenever I change it to something bold or with pattern, it just seems so BUSY, and I don't want it to detract from my writing, photography, projects, etc. (or give me a headache)

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Here's where you come in!
I want your feedback!  What would you like to see?  What's missing?  Do I mention my children too much? (kidding, that's not up for negotiation)  I'm not going to change my style or anything, I'm assuming you like me or you wouldn't be here - we're talking aesthetics and layout!  But I'd love your input so give it to me straight!  And THANKS in advance for reading and caring enough to give me your opinion!!!.

PS.  If someone could tell me how to get my Pinterest "follow" button (upper right corner of my blog) in line with the others, I'd be eternally grateful.  Even with my mad html code writing skilz, I can't get it to budge.  Drives this picky girl crazy!


  1. Ha! Glad I wasn't your "reviewer" cuz I would've said...yur funny, and it's a alot like mine 'cept it's PINK. Which I love, BTW...though your background is a bit like pepto threw up on the siding! Sometimes I wonder if my background is too busy, but when I change it, it seems BORING...but I'm moving over to Wordpress and it's going anyway...So glad you popped over! Me thinks we can have some fun tagether...if you don't mind the slang and poor grammar...

    1. The funny thing about all this pink? I'm really not girly at all. I plead insanity! And I love your bold colors! Most people would've had to name their blog "the taupe tan off-white and brown with touches of grey abode" and that would just be silly. Keep me posted on the wordpress thing, I'm quite curious. Okay, sending you my code - thanks for taking the time to look!!

  2. P.S. There is probably something really small wrong in the code for that Pinterest button. If you'll email me the code, I can take a look at it...

  3. Thank you for participating - it was fun and very, very honest!

    1. Heather, thanks for hosting! I'm really glad I took part! - Lori

  4. yes, gwen does rock, doesn't she???

    hey, i think we had the same reviewer from heather's party 'cuz i was told that my blog design didn't show my creativity!

    i did it on purpose 'cuz i like things clean and organized and i want my photos to stand out a touch. mine's stayin' as-is... for now! and yours? it's cheerful, attractive, organized, easy to follow... even in it's pepto glow!!!

    your projects are fabulous and i've loved your last few posts, especially "i want to talk about..." i think "content is king" in the blogness... and photos come in a close second. does that make them "queen"? hmmm.

    seriously, can you believe it when someone doesn't hold a door for another person? really? i mean, it's kinda inexcusable unless you're pushing a stroller or hobbling with a cane.

    1. I think I'll still keep with the low-key background, but I may go for a color overhaul. Like I said, I'm not really all that girly and looking at pink everyday makes me a little crazy!

      Thanks for your comments and awesome advice!! Hope you have a GREAT relaxing trip!!! - L


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