I Dig Your Chili Week 2 and some other stuff...

  There's been a lotta love in blogland this past week and I intend to keep it up!
(There is the exception of one meanie's comment at Apartment Therapy, but we won't go there)
Anyway, here they are!  Go check out the good stuff for yourself!
And if this is you, please know that I Dig Your Chili!!


In addition to an amazingly impressive chimp imitation, Gwen from The Bold Abode has chops.
(I may or may not have borrowed that from C. Aguilera)  She has woodworking skilz and apparently can do this... (nice legs Gwen)

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Gwen is funny and serious and real and all of those attributes we love about good blogs!

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The next good read you should check out is Three Mango Seeds.  Clydia has some beautiful furniture makeovers (especially THIS swoon-worthy frenchy one) and writes in a way that make you feel like old friends!!

Three Mango Seeds
I want to buy one of those awesome signs from her shop, too!!!

And last, but not least is Karianne at Thistlewood Farm!  She's warm and funny and positive and entirely too self-deprecating for as good as her work is!  Make sure to check out her bathroom makeover while you're there!


Once you've visited, head on over to Apartment Therapy to vote for her in the Homies - Best Home Design Blog category!!!  She's probably way too modest to ask you to, so I'm doing it!  Go!

Okay, and now for the other stuff
 As I said, last week was apparently "whole lotta love week"!  On top of the attention my racing chest received, I was also awarded the Versatile Blogger award from Jen at The Consigner Designer.  So, as a thank you to her, please stop over and visit her as well!  Thanks Jen!

See? Told you there was a lotta love!


Inspired by Pinterest - Family Eye Chart

Pin It

I've seen a lot of great spin-offs on subway art, but this one was caught my eye!

It's from FrillyChiliDesign

I used the free online program Custom Eye Chart Maker as a start, then added extra characters in Picasa.

I thought it seemed more like a true eye chart with black lettering (but that might just be my poor vision!)

I printed an 8x10 on cardstock and put it in an 8x10 frame (because that's what was on hand.)  I do think the larger frame might look better.  Either way it's pretty cute!  What do you think?

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The Prizes!

It's been a crazy week around here and I promise to explain more and including some "Breaking News" soon!!  In the mean-time I wanted to share some really cool things that have happened to me!!!

First, the $50 gift card to Rockler came in the mail!!!  You might remember than I won it as part of the Grand Prize package from Whisperwood Cottage's First Project of the Year Contest!   

Let's just say that $50 wasn't hard to spend AT ALL.  Here are some of the goodies I got (and forgive me if they don't look all that exciting - the end results will!) All photos courtesy of Rockler.

Okay, boring, but I was out of glue...
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Hinges and a magnetic catch for an upcoming project...
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Carry Straps (I have ALWAYS wanted some of these)  I know, you're thinking "Get a life!"
I used this picture because I want you to imagine me carrying a fridge or something equally heavy.  By myself.  Wearing a Wonderwoman costume.  Anyway...
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I also ordered some nail head trim...
Right now Rockler has free shipping too, so Wooooo Hoooo!  I'm a happy girl!!

Onto more happiness!!!  Remember my Cobra-Inspired Bombe Chest?  (see the full post HERE)  Well, that speedy guy gained a lot of attention this week, including these Features and some awesome facebook kudos.

Photobucket Three Mango Seeds Photobucket Stuff and Nonsense toomuchtime Corner House The 36th AVENUE Decorating Insanity Photobucket  

Thanks for all of the support, kind words and inspiration you've all provided me!  I feel like the luckiest girl in the world today!! 


I Dig Your Chili!

  One aspect of blogging that I really love is that it gives writers and readers an opportunity to spotlight EACH OTHER!  Like most, my time is limited and I couldn't possibly read or even be exposed to the countless DIY'ers, furniture goddesses, and crafty, smart, funny chicas out there.  But, I'm going to try!

So, in the spirit of "do unto others", I'm going to spend time each week featuring the peeps I treasure!  I've even created a little button!  So, if this is you, please know that 
(wait, did you hear the music?)
and if you want, please display it proudly!

If you've been following me for long, you know that I love Amy from The Salvage Collection.  She writes funny, poignant, real-life stuff.  Did I mention she's hilarious?  Oh yeah, and she creates ah-maz-ing, beautiful, fabulous, unique pieces of furniture, too!  Like this...


and once you finish reading, you'll wish you ALSO had a can of rejuvination and acceptance in your paint cabinet!!
Other than Amy's love of doggies (mine is smelly) I like to think of her as me, only FUNNY and TALENTED!  Go now!

Are you back?  Okay, moving along!

I also really love the 80's.  Call me crazy, old, stuck in the glory days, whatever - 80's music was happy, unencumbered stuff!!
Kim from Too Much Time On My Hands clearly agrees!  Her blog is beautiful and full of crafty ideas, organizing tips, furniture, recipes, you-name-it.  But, I won't lie, sometimes I check in just to read the lyrics or see the video!  This week it was Rick James and Eddie Murphy's "Party All the Time" - I'm mean come on, how fun is that?  It was stuck in my head all day!!


As funny ALWAYS wins me over (just ask my husband) I also love to read My Life and Kids by Anna.  Her humor is the kind that lets you know you're not alone in this world - it really hits close to home!  Other times her humor is the kind that makes you almost pee your pants - she puts her husband's head on other bodies - THAT kind of funny!  This is the guy....


Some of my favorite posts have to do with her advice on FAKE housekeeping - I've learned so much!!

My Life and Kids

These girls make my days brighter!  PLEASE do yourself a favor and go check them out (and follow along with me!)


Inspired By Pinterest - Paper Cupcake Liner Decoration

It's almost birthday time again for us!  I'm not sure how I feel about my 'baby' turning 5 - I'll get back to you in a few weeks!
 Luckily I have my handy, creative sidekick (Pinterest) to bail me out when I draw a blank for party and decorating ideas.  (Especially when the almost-5-year-old doesn't want a "theme" for his party!?!?)
I made this 5, using colorful paper cupcake liners!

The idea came from this pin, originally from Beth at Beth Kruse Custom Creations.


I simply cut the 5 from cardboard and painted it white.

I put two of the liner papers together back-to-back (turn one inside out) and used a chop stick to form them.  Then I glued them to the board.

The whole project took less than 20 minutes and I used fewer than 100 liners, so it was very inexpensive.

Cute and simple! I plan to hang it eventually, but he loves his 5 and carries it around with him everywhere!

Thank you Beth, for the inspiration! Please grab a button!

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