Inspired by Pinterest - Valentines for Boys

Apparently, Valentine's Day is all about hearts, chocolate, rainbows, fluffy bunnies, butterflies, poems and flowers.  Unless you live at my house with 6 "non-girly types".  (Yes, even the cat and the dog are boys!)

So, when I found these Forceful Valentines Cards, I seriously wanted to hug this woman!!

Turns out, "this woman" is Holly at Stitch/Craft and she is awesome and made it SO easy for everyone to download these cute cards.

 I cut them out, (no laughing at my old-school cutter)

used a hole punch and had my kiddos sign them,

inserted the glow stick (8 for $1 at Dollar Tree) and taped it in place on the back.

I think they're so much cuter than most of the store-bought kids cards!
And who needs more candy, right?!?! Yay!

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Luuuuukeee I am your Faaaaatherrrr.


  2. Those are ABSOLUTELY adorable! Great idea on the lightsaber.


  3. Stopping by from the Linky Follower Party Hop!

  4. These are great. I used to try and come up with something "boy like" forever.Man I needed Pinterest then! You did a great job! (thanks for voting for my ice cream too - sorry - so behind on emails!)
    504 main

  5. Hi, I found you on the linky blog hop and I'm now a follower. I would love for you to follow back.

  6. My boys would LOVE these! I'll have to pin them for next Valentine's Day.
    Stopping by via the Linky Followers Blog Hop! Hope you'll come over and visit Shhh...Mom's Busy Crafting!

  7. Love what your doing! It all looks interesting and unique!


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