I Dig Your Chili Week 2 and some other stuff...

  There's been a lotta love in blogland this past week and I intend to keep it up!
(There is the exception of one meanie's comment at Apartment Therapy, but we won't go there)
Anyway, here they are!  Go check out the good stuff for yourself!
And if this is you, please know that I Dig Your Chili!!


In addition to an amazingly impressive chimp imitation, Gwen from The Bold Abode has chops.
(I may or may not have borrowed that from C. Aguilera)  She has woodworking skilz and apparently can do this... (nice legs Gwen)

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Gwen is funny and serious and real and all of those attributes we love about good blogs!

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The next good read you should check out is Three Mango Seeds.  Clydia has some beautiful furniture makeovers (especially THIS swoon-worthy frenchy one) and writes in a way that make you feel like old friends!!

Three Mango Seeds
I want to buy one of those awesome signs from her shop, too!!!

And last, but not least is Karianne at Thistlewood Farm!  She's warm and funny and positive and entirely too self-deprecating for as good as her work is!  Make sure to check out her bathroom makeover while you're there!


Once you've visited, head on over to Apartment Therapy to vote for her in the Homies - Best Home Design Blog category!!!  She's probably way too modest to ask you to, so I'm doing it!  Go!

Okay, and now for the other stuff
 As I said, last week was apparently "whole lotta love week"!  On top of the attention my racing chest received, I was also awarded the Versatile Blogger award from Jen at The Consigner Designer.  So, as a thank you to her, please stop over and visit her as well!  Thanks Jen!

See? Told you there was a lotta love!


  1. Thanks for visiting Lori. I hear ya - I love a little swirly bling!
    Hope all is well in your world! AND don't let those occasional meanies get ya down! Success is the greatest revenge. (not that I am promoting revenge - wink)

    ~ robin


  2. You are way too sweet...and yes, those are my real legs...cough, cough, cough... Thank you so much for the shout out. You know I am crazy about you and your blog!

  3. And good lawdy, those people commenting on your amazing dresser are small minded idjits. You know you are pushing boundaries when you start receiving criticism. So, chalk it up to your courage to try something new and different. As long as you are taking risks, you are open to this kind of response. So, bring it on, I say, and keep forging new roads, girl! You are fantastic!

  4. I LOVE "The Voice" reference :)...one of my fav shows...going to have to check out some of your mentions!!!

  5. Hi Lori - I love LOVE LOVE your dresser no matter what anyone says (and I've stated as much on Apartment Therapy). I agree with Gwen, when you do something different some people will get their knickers in a knot. If we didn't have people doing something different we would all have very boring lives (and houses!). Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  6. Lotsaluv all right, I'm crushing on Mr. Dremel.


    1. Yesterday I went to the garage and couldn't find my dremel. I literally panicked. I thought "those darn kids always leaving the garage door open and now someone's gone and stolen my dremel" (this is better if you imagine me shaking my fist and using my best 95 year old man voice)

      Nope, I just put it away in the wrong place. Whew! ;D

  7. Hi,
    I am a new GFC follower. I found you on a grow your blog hop. I would love for you to stop by my site and return the favor and follow me back as well. If you are interested also check out our current giveaways. We have something for everyone right now.
    Thanks a lot!

  8. Oh I am just seeing that you are spreading the love! Thank you so much, your so sweet! You totally made my day! Trust me I needed it tonight, woke up to my hubby's work truck not starting and this evening our youngest is sick! Bleh! So your post made me smile. {HUGS}

  9. Wow, I just read all of the comments at Apartment Therapy and all I can say is...wow. I found your original post on the bombe chest re-do via Homestories A to Z and I think it's beautiful and creative. I am quite frankly shocked by the posts at AT. The post is about YOUR project not what everyone else thinks the project should be. I like your style and what you did and if I didn't, then I would not comment. Who cares if I don't like it?

    Keep up the good work, I really like your projects and your blog.

    People at AT: nyah.



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