Inspired by Pinterest - The Angry Bird Party


Nearly every idea for this party came from Pinterest!  I love that Pinterest provides us with such an amazing way to keep track of ideas and an outlet for sharing all the creativity out there!  I also love these dopey looking birds!

Here are the invitations.

The Angry Birds party was a success!  There were happy 13 kiddos running around and one Birthday Boy who beamed the whole day. 

I made fruit kabobs...

a homemade Angry Birds game in addition to the store-bought one...
(No, these weren't made by a pre-schooler.  Just me and my sharpie.  Even as ugly as they are, I think the kids liked them best!)

I made the "goodie bags"...

an "it's so ugly, it's cute" King Pig cake....
(Okay, it wasn't very pretty but it tasted good.  I was quite proud of the crown though.  I cut and painted a plastic margarine container and then glued on a few jewels!)

streamers, and other decorations....

 and the kids took part in several "Pinterest Inspired" activities, including a science experiment and games!

Check out my Pinterest boards to find the details and original sources for all of these great projects!

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  1. Oh my gosh, Your party turned out so cute! My boys both LOVED it...

    1. Thanks! It was so fun to use those ideas rather than buying everything for the party! Your boys must be angry bird fanatics like my guys are!!

  2. Lori, this turned out so super cute!! I love everything...right down to the piggy cake. I'll be pinning this 7 year old wants an Angry Birds party for his 8th bday! Love the cans & birds...those are my favorite!

    1. Kristi, thanks!! If you can get past my non-artistic-ness (which luckily my kiddos can) the whole thing was pretty darn cute and a whole lot of fun! Thanks for visiting! ~L

  3. Saw you on the Linky Party and you had me at the name of your Blog! So cute...New Linky Follower :)

    1. Amy, thanks!! I'm so glad you like it - sometimes you just never know! ~Lori


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