Who Moved My Cheddar?

Notice the new look?  Not sure you could miss it!

The transition has taken a few days.  It probably looked like this yesterday.  Let me know if something is still wonky.


Okay, here's a brief really long backstory....

Hubs' least favorite thing?  To listen to Drama talk about the kids, her projects, her blog, her blog BFF's, the dog, the plan for the weekend (it's Monday), the lack of "the perfect" brown motorcycle boots,  the potential new paint color, what if we ... ...blah, blah, blah.... all in the first 4 minutes of walking in the door from a long day at work.  (He would never admit to this, his heart is so large, but this is my blog and therefore my interpretation.)

I get it.  See, once upon a time, I was the Worky-McWorkerson who came home tired and all full up of adult conversation (also had a paycheck!).


But no longer.  
Now I chill each day with small peeps, a dog who snores, a persnickety kitty, laundry, play dates, pre-school, homework, more blah, blah, blah... So, when adults are around... I TALK and talk and talk and talk and ...oh how was your day?... talk and talk.  (I am NOT complaining here, it is what it is and SAHM's are lucky girls on many levels.)

I HAVE to think at least a couple of you can relate.  Or at least remember when your day-to-day was like mine.

My point is this.  Hubs' favorite color is orange; Drama's least favorite color is pink.  Please re-read the last sentence, I'll wait.  I know, right?  Why-would-ya-make-a-pink-blog-if-you....? whatever.  Pink blog gone.

So, we're doing this thang so that Hubs can kinda relate!  And when Tangerine Tango is 'so last year', you'll just have to assume I'm outdated!

So, I'm going bold so I don't grow mold!   
(I so stole that from one of my favorite blogs: here)

Do you dig it?  At all?

Like I always say, every ONE and every THING is a work in progress!


  1. I like the TT (Tanger-Tango) it puts the Drama in Drama Mama!

    (And yes... I can relate).


    1. Whew, thanks! ;D I'm still tinkering with it, a couple of things just aren't working! ~L


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