Is It Just Me?

In my mind's eye these two would become a happy pair. Soft grey and creamy white instead of dirty yellow and gold, silver instead of harsh brash and gain a little DRAMA where there was none.
But there wasn't much drama.

Even with the pops of shiny silver

and the curvy legs

I lined the drawers with music (love songs, no less)
and even got sneaky with an extra hint of color.

  (see where I got the idea for this here)

And still, no DRAMA. Not even a little drama. Maybe I'm just not a 'grey' kind of girl. (clearly)
So, do I start over? Does it matter if there's no GLAM or DRAMA? Will someone else love them?
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  1. Could you put some numbers or a word on each drawer for me please. I want more revvv.


  2. Well, it IS a lingerie chest. How about ooh-la-la and amore and other romantic words I know nothing about. Maybe Karen from Redoux can help me out with those!

  3. I think they are GORGEOUS!! And I am not a grey kind of gal...AT ALL.

  4. hmmm... perhaps the ira glass video i posted today needs to be viewed again? you're in that "gap" between your fine taste and your "eh" product. you also, like me, probably want to LOVE everything that you do.

    personally, i think they look beautiful, esp. with the DRAMAtic teal pop on the side of the drawers. can't you see them in a lovely neutral room with a punch of yellow here and there? or red? someone in search of simple and classic will swoon over these!

    if you feel you MUST do something, then maybe coat the inside of the drawers (over the paper) w/a sheer layer of silver rub n' buff... or add some to the edges here and there.

    okay, i've babbled on long enough.

  5. I think they look great! As is for sure. Love the idea of color on the sides, but subtle exterior. I wouldn't use them myself - or maybe I could put my running clothes in them - and some run shoes on the little shelf.

  6. I think they are gorgeous but for me, I’m thinking maybe a softer cream? I think that might add a “crispness” to really allow the silver handles to “pop” as opposed to looking “soft”. Just a thought. I think they are phenomenal either way!!!
    xxxooo~ Andi

  7. Wow! Talk about attention to detail! Great job on the transformations and thinking fun.

  8. i love these! are they for sale? i am a st. louis resident but traveling to overland park/shawnee mission for easter and could come and see. your work is AWESOME!

  9. I love the grey and the teal...I'm thinking anthro kuh-nobs maybe, but I'm a kuh-knob girl like Amy. However, they do fit the style of the chest, so don't listen to cubbies are totally crooked and my ikea sconce is hanging from a broken base...

    Sell then to Thristy up there...she sounds mega interested and obviously has great taste...

  10. I think they are gorgeous! I was contemplating painting my buffet grey, now seeing the grey on these beauties I will definitely do it!
    Thanks for sharing!

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  12. Personally, I think they are really pretty as they are - but it looks like you have a sale anyway !
    Good luck !


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