Breaking Up

Dear Mid-Western March Weather,

I think it's time you moved on.  It's not me, it's you.  We've been seeing each other like this for as long as I can remember.  Every year I watch for swirling clouds above my head and drag my sleeping children to the basement when the sirens warm me that you're extra cranky.  I can't believe I've put up with your behavior for this long.


Yes, I hear your rumbling off to the the west - there's really no need for that, is there?  I see your tears on the deck.  Seriously?  I could be out there frolicking painting.  Let's just say we're "on a break" and you can come back and rain in August when my grass is thirsty.

Right now, I have better things to do!


  1. LOL...that is more like our June! I hate June for all the storms and possible tornados. Not looking forward to that part of summer!

    1. I know! A couple of summers ago, my husband was traveling and I swear, I had my kids in the basement about every other night! Here's to a non-existent tornado season!!! ~L

  2. Aw!! I live in the midwest too and it's been so gloriously unusually warm!! :) I hope you get some sunshine this weekend!!


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