Whole Lotta Sittin' Goin' On

 If you've been with me very long, you know that I have an obsession with chairs.   

 I found 3 of these gorgeous shield back chairs in a little antique store in the town my parents live in.
Do. Not. Go. There.  It's a hidden gem and I don't want to have to wrestle you to the ground for any of the good stuff!

The first one got a glossy black paint job and a little French love poem, hand written by my sister.
(I'm keeping this one for myself!)

The second chair now has a sunny disposition! (This one is going in the shop!)

The third sister is yet to get her make-over!

Alright, once again, no true before photos.  Sometimes I'm like a kid on Christmas when I have a new project!  I can't wait to get started!!

This chair got a good cleaning with TSP and then a light sanding.  I used 2 coats of Annie Sloan Greek Blue, then dark and clear waxes.

One of the things I loved most about this chair was its original leather seat.  But, it was dull and brown and no amount of leather cleaner, polish, or wax would liven it up.  So, I bought a fun paisley to bring it to life!  (I left the leather intact underneath just in case)

Next in line for an update was this cute little vanity bench!  It didn't need much other than to remove the old fabric and replace it.  I also added another touch of blue, which seems to be my favorite color of late!

I also gave the wood a good wax and buff (which is similar to what I get at the salon, right? - ha!)

The makeovers are finished for today!

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  1. Fabulous, Lori! Those chairs are so fun!

  2. These are so great! Bet you were glad when they were done, tho! Please come share at

  3. Awesome redos! The paisley fabric is my fave :)

  4. they are all so fun! LOVE the yellow! and how was i not following you- sorry! i am here now, mama!

  5. Lovin' the black chair - I'd have to have made them a matching pair ;D

  6. Love love love 'em! My favorites? I'd say the bench and the black one. I've been following you for awhile now, but hadn't realized I wasn't an "official follower" I am now! You should link these up to my linky party.

    Love your blog!

  7. Just beautiful once again! I think I love that yellow one, although the black is pretty glamourous... who could choose!


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