The Cape

Dear blog readin', inspiration providing, supportive and loving best friends o'mine......

I can't find my cape.

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Please be patient.

Without my cape, it's harder to paint, project, craft, write, photograph, edit, parent, cook, clean, chauffeur, wife, wear makeup, get ready for a grand opening, get a tan on my legs, cheer for my team and do cartwheels.
(SO not in that order)

This situation is temporary as I'm sure the cape will be back soon.

And then I won't look so silly wearing those bracelets.




  1. its probably in the laundry hamper ;)

  2. Hi Lori - Wonder woman didn't need the cape - it was all about the cleavage and the skimpy bustier-onesy!!! I don't have either, so sorry can't lend those to you! Ha!Ha! Have a great Easter weekend and hang in there!!! Heather

  3. Everyone misplaces their cape from time to time. No worries girl it will be back :)

  4. I thought you were blond. You are the blond wonder woman. I be the brunette.


  5. I seemed to have misplaced mine too!!


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