Channeling My Inner Bob Ross

 I'm currently taking a break from a project that is driving me bonkers!  
Maybe I should think of it as a "happy accident".  More on that later.

 Taking a break for me usually means grabbing a paint brush and getting busy.  
There's just something so therapeutic about painting.  

This realization makes me think of Bob Ross.

So this child-sized antique washstand ended up getting what I think are "happy, fluffy, little clouds" in the paint and in the mirror. 

As I painted and dry brushed and swirled, I could just hear his soothing voice.  "Maybe in our world there lives a happy little tree over there."  Can you hear him, too?

(I watched a lot of PBS as a kid)

"and that'll just be our little secret."

*all quotes from Bob Ross himself.

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  1. Oh...she is a beauty!!! I'm a new follower:)


  2. Am I that old that I don't know who bob Ross is?


  3. It's so pretty! Love the clouds in the mirror...whimsical touch! Thanks for linking!

  4. oh my lord i totally remember that. i was so sad when he passed. he has given me a love for happy little trees. :) and that piece is adorable!

  5. Oh, yes... I would sit and watch him and just wonder at his ability to paint snowy trees and shimmery lakes... What a freakin' gorgeous piece, my friend!

  6. Seriously, I love, love, the color!

  7. Love that you left some of it unpainted-so pretty!

  8. oh, bob would be proud of your swirls and swishes. and, since bob brings out the napper in me, i'm heading to bed!

  9. lol! I remember watching him too. Soothing voice. You did a beautiful job!


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