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There are brave, ground-breaking, forward-thinking bloggers who throw caution to the wind and ignore the grammar, capitalization, and punctuation rules that were forced upon us very early in life and I WISH I was one of them. 
(was that a run-on sentence?) 

They use slang and actual SPEECH when they write!  Scandalous and oh-so-fun to read!
(disclaimer:  I adore several of the aforementioned as if I actually knew them in person. Not in a weird stalker way though, just sayin'.)

You see, I was taught that RULE FOLLOWERS would be the winners of all the goodies (babies without colic, winners of the lottery, wrinkle-free at 40, etc., etc.,) clearly I was misled.  

I suspect that these rule-bending cats are smarter than the average bears and are just testing the rest of us to see who's paying attention!
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Okay, so what I'm getting at is... gooooood lawdy I love TEXTING!!!!!  No rules!  Spell it phonetically!  Or just leave out all the vowels!  Don't bother with punctuation unless it's 15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'s  Smile in ways you'd never really smile in real life! ;D

Texting has been my favorite form of communication for so long that I don't even give it a second thought (and I bet you don't either) 

Until someone forces a second thought.

Like my 60-something Dad sending hilarious texts, not on purpose. (sorry Dad)

Or my husband, who last night sent me the usual, sweet 'I'm on my way home from work' text that instead read "I'm finally leaving her now!"  (what? oh, you meant HERE, right? leaving HERE? right? right?)

Okay, I have been known to send an excited "Woo Hop" (Woo Hoo) or "please stop and buy a wine store on your way home" (stop by a wine... no, wait, I really did text that) but you know what I mean.

Which is why, in the age of the visual beauty that is Pinterest (and all of those amazing sites we Pin from) I have come to RE-appreciate the old-school, funny, messed up-ed-ness of!

 Okay, we both know I laugh the hardest at the dirty ones like it's grade school all over again.

Also, I love sending whale smiles for no reason.  Tell me I'm not the only one?!

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  1. I love those auto correct ones!

  2. OMGSH...I so needed that laugh! Also, I'm old. Is there an actual app you can download on your phone to make your texts look like that?

  3. I'm such a rule follower I can't even text right. I spell every damned word like it's my job. Oh wait, I'm a teacher, so spelling correctly IS my job. And I never let ANYONE forget that :) Found you at finding the funny!

  4. You know, I think language rules are important - I'm an English teacher, BUT, mostly what is important is the message. For example, DYAC is one of the few things that can make me smile when I'm down or grumpy. So funny :)


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