Report Card & What I've been up to!

Now back to our regularly scheduled program....

(107 degrees = stringy hair and serious painting face)
Unexcused Absence.

That's what it would say on my blog report card.

While I wasn't writing and editing photographs, I WAS busy with eleventy-four thousand projects.  And I DID manage to photograph at least a few of them.

And I HAVE gotten myself a little more organized.

SO, I'm going to do my best to get you all caught up on the furniture whirlwind that has been going on in my studio.  So, stay tuned!!!



  1. You are adorable! I can’t wait to get caught up with your summer projects. I can only imagine all you’ve been conquering these last few months. You are so talented...and look SO young in these pics. (Which, a.) you are young, and b.) you always have looked young!)

    1. Thanks! I would NOT describe my appearance as "young" looking at all right now - ha! Most days I have that "deranged artist" look going on!! Thanks for your kind words and for taking the time to comment - it means a lot!! ~L

  2. Look at that smiling face. And you teased us... I've been waiting a month to see what you are up too and now I have to wait longer even after your return.


  3. Just found your site and I am in LOVE with your work! You are amazing. I am going through a rough time at the moment, and painting/reuphulstering furniture and the sorts are my life line :)

    I'm an avid follower now! Thanks!

    Megan Marie

    1. Megan Marie, thanks so much!! I know what you mean - painting is cathartic for me. It's soothing and makes me forget my worries!! Thanks for following - I'm off to visit you now! ~L

  4. Good idea to use that dowel to hang rollers! I got myself slightly more organized too. It definitely lends itself to being able to think more creatively! Can't wait to see what you are working there!

  5. Can't wait to see all the projects you have been creating! And your organizing looks about like mine :)


  6. Nice works!!!!
    You have many ideas...
    We have a blog too, about restauration. If you'll like see it...
    Laura & Lisa


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