All Jacked Up

I love the Union Jack furniture that's all the rage right now.

I've seen it done in really original color combinations on every type of furniture.

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For my first go at it, I decided to stick closely to the traditional color scheme.  But, I had no idea how to lay the stripes out.

So, I read the history; the "why" behind the "where" the Cross of St. George and the Cross of St. Patrick should intersect and how it's commonly done incorrectly.  (read a short explanation here.) 

I did my homework.  I bought my paint.  I had the perfect little side table.
(Which I failed to take a before picture of.)

I primed.  

I taped and painted.

And taped and painted.

And I still did it wrong.  Do you see it?

So, to any of you Brits out there, I apologize.

But, I still think it's pretty cool.

PS.  Invest in a serious amount of painter's tape if you're going to attempt to recreate this one!!

PPS. "All Jacked Up" means REALLY EXCITED at my house.  I'm pretty sure there are alternative interpretations, but we like this one.

 PPPS. Jack will be flying his colors Friday at A Dash of Drama shop!

Jack was featured here!!!

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  1. It is so pretty :). And I must not be in touch enough with the British in me...I don't see it. I see prettiness!

  2. Lori, this table ROCKS! You shouldn't have ANY trouble selling him. I would love to recreate this for my boys room it's awesome!

  3. you did a beautiful job, lori! i love that shade of blue- so vibrant!

  4. Τhis is absolutely lovely! I'm not a Brit and I cant see anything wrong here! :)

  5. Absolutely no apologies necessary - I wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't done our flag on a little table. I had to look up the history of the Union Jack too.
    Btw - it's fab !!
    Fiona - a Brit

  6. I did my first Union Jack piece a few weeks ago and the same thing happened to me. I did my research and taped off but the bottom half still turned out "wrong". Don't worry about it girl! I think it looks awesome and that was the perfect little end table for it :)

  7. It's the American in have to rebel against the Brits...even in paint! {I had to look veeeeeeeeeeeeeery closely..and it was still hard to recoginze}

    It's awesome-sauce...

  8. Bet Jack dances out of the shop fast cause he looks maaahhhvelouuusss.


  9. LOVE how it turned out! Just found your lovely blog and am now your newest follower:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  10. Love it! I still can't see what's wrong with it :)

  11. Jack is a rock star. And he needs to be pinned.....and then flown to England for a tour abroad....

    ....with me:)


  12. It looks great, Lori! I don't see the mistake, but then again, I wouldn't know. : ) I'm impressed that you managed with all that tape. I think I would have gotten dizzy just trying to figure all that out!

  13. Lori, This looks fabulous! Love the vibrant colors! Found you through Kammy's Korner. I'm excited to be your 200th follower via GFC.:-) Looking forward to seeing more of your delightful blog. Happy Wednesday!

  14. Oh you are so good!!! I am featuring this tomorrow, and pinning it!


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