The Rules

When you have a home full of boys, sometimes you need rules.

 (the offender)

Rules like, "snacks and drinks stay on the hardwoods" (also known as you're not allowed to eat in a room with carpet) 

Rules such as "a healthy snack before junk food." 

Or, how about "take your shoes off when you come inside the house."

Sometimes the rules are forgotten and Mom has to remind everyone.  Sometimes even Dad needs a little reminding.

So, when Mom drops an entirely full (as in never even opened, brand spanking new from the store) quart of black chalkboard paint and it explodes all over the carpet, is a new rule in order?

(after 20 minutes of blotting and wiping down the wood floor) 

 (from another angle, sure why not.)

Or should we just be done with it and throw all the rules out the window?

 (after 1 cleaning, not too bad)

After a second dance with the carpet cleaner, the whole mess is basically gone.  

And Mom has 'lightened up' on those rules.  

And can still be caught painting in the dining room.


  1. oh no! but sounds like it is cleaned up mostly... oops!

  2. I'm afraid this little incident might come back to haunt you...any time you try to remind the boys of the rules :)

  3. LOL! Mom broke the rules and then some ...

    I'm amazed at how well you were able to clean it all up! And now we are left to wonder what (if anything) is going to get a coat or two of chalkboard paint ...



  4. Well now that I know chalkboard paint comes out of carpet pretty good, I'll never stop painting in the dining room either! I seriously can't get a red soda stain out however after 10 years.


  5. Wow can't believe you got most of that out! When I first saw this pic on your wall I was wondering if dyeing the whole rug would be your best option :)

  6. Wow... you are good. Who needs Rules, anyway? My kids just break their momma.

  7. Same thing happened to me while I was painting my son's dresser! I got really upset and ended up with a red splashed carpet, probably for garbage now!!!

  8. Ugh...that stinks! Glad you got it cleaned up though, that kinda stuff stresses me out!


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