Furniture Love - Girlie Rose Back Chairs

As much as I enjoy being crafty, I realize that I love furniture transformations far more! 

Crafty Cork letter

Crafty Diaper Cake (circa 2007, I thought it was pretty cute back then!)

Mirror before and after
SO, I took advantage of some mild weather this weekend to get moving on a few pieces of furniture that have been waiting patiently.
These rose back chairs were inexpensive Craigslist finds, but they were pretty and had potential!

The roses and curvy legs are so feminine, they just were screaming for some pink!

I started off by reupholstering the seats with canvas drop-cloth.  (Yes, I said it, a drop cloth!  It's canvas, it's pretty, it's easy to work with and softer than burlap.  Do NOT share this secret, or the guys at the orange store will just start charging more for it!)
I found this original needlepoint rose fabric under the top layer.

After reupholstering, I added a little color with fabric paint and a stencil.

I brewed up a little homemade chalk paint using the following recipe:
1 1/2 Cups latex paint
1/2 Cup water
1/2 Cup calcium carbonate (ordered online - it's just powdered chalk)
I used an old pasta sauce jar and shook it up really well.  This is the perfect way to paint furniture if you plan to distress it at all.  It covers everything, doesn't require priming and dries really fast!!

Thanks to Sherry at No Minimalist Here for the recipe!

Just for good measure, I used two coats of white paint and then painted the roses with pink craft paint.  The pink originally felt too bright, so I watered down a bit more of the white chalk paint (making it really milky) and painted over the roses.

Once the paint was dry, I distressed lightly, and glazed with Valspar Mocha glaze.  I love the way the carved details stand out!

Notice the little distress mark on the left side?  This same mark is on both chairs.  I think it must be where the chairs were pushed into the table over and over in their former life.  Can you picture it?  Sorry to get sappy, but something about making that connection just fills me up.


I'm really pleased with these!  They seem perfect for a girls' room (which doesn't exist in my home!)  What do you think of the transformation?

One more before and after...

I was featured here!!!!!


These pretty girls are partying here:

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  1. I agree - they WOULD be perfect in a girl's room! Pretty!

  2. They are adorable chairs!! Thanks for the mention and I am so glad you are happy with the DIY chalk paint. I would love for you to share this at my Open House Party Wednesday eve.

  3. Ooops...Forgot to mention that I am now following.

  4. Cool! Those sure are pretty and very girly! Thanks for sharing with my newbie party.

  5. @Kammy Wielenga.
    Kammy, thanks so much! I really appreciate your support!!

  6. @Sherry @ No Minimalist Here
    Sherry, I'd love to share these! Thanks to you, I love them! (and thanks for following!)

  7. @Debbiedoo's blogging and blabbing
    Debbie, thanks for your kind words! (and thanks or course, for hosting!)

  8. this is soo pretty:D visiting from newbie party.

  9. Love the chairs. I am always so afraid to tackle chairs, but you've given me some inspiration :) Thanks!


  10. @Shabby chic Sandy
    Sandy, thanks for the kind words and the visit!!

  11. @DIY Addict

    Jenn, thanks for the compliment and for dropping by!!!

  12. @WelltoDo
    Suz, thank so much! These were actually pretty easy, I'm afraid my next chair redo is going to take a little more patience on my part! Thanks for visiting!

  13. Your furniture transformations are so beautiful!!

  14. @Cindy @ Creating at Home
    Cindy, thank you for your kind words! I'm having so much fun and comments like yours make it even more rewarding!

  15. I love the pink and white together!
    Great finds!
    Thank you for popping by my place!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

  16. Love these chairs! The pink adds so much character! They will be prefect in a little girls room! Thanks so much for linking up!

  17. Very pretty! I love the touch of pink. Thanks for showing how you did that. I never find great stuff like that on CL. Good find!

  18. Very cool! Lovin' those chairs! (And your other projects are nifty too!)

    Visiting from TT&J linky party,
    Smiles from NW Illinois,

  19. Hi, Lori

    I just love your chairs. They are just lovely. I found your blog from Home Maker in Heels link party. I am a new follower. I loved looking around your blog. Love for you to stop by

    Have a great day.


  20. @insideways

    Thank you!!! (and thanks for stopping by!)
    xo - Lori

  21. @Sherika Lovett Alston
    Sherika, thanks so much for the kind words and for stopping by!!
    xo- Lori

  22. @Marti
    Marti, thanks! I don't usually find such cute pieces either (but wow, it's easy to spend a lot of time looking!) Thanks for stopping by!
    xo - Lori

  23. @WhyCuzICan
    Suzanne, thanks for the kind words and for visiting!!! xo - Lori

  24. @Vanessa
    Vanessa, thanks so much and I will definitely stop by!! xo - Lori

  25. Very nice! I have been thinking of making chalk paint. I love the chairs. Great job. Thanks for the inspiration.

  26. @❦Bayside Gal❦
    Jean, thanks so much - I love to think that I inspired someone!! xo - Lori

  27. The chairs are just gorgeous, love the details. Thank you so much for sharing. -K

  28. Your girls are so pretty! I love the touches of pink!!!
    thank you for linking up AND linking back to catch as catch can
    ps catching you this week

  29. Great transformation! I love it and the prints. I am a new follower. Hope you drop by and visit my blog or follow along too!

  30. @Ela @
    Ela, thanks so much for your kind words! I can't wait to spend some time on your site! Thanks again! - L

  31. Very helpful post! with amazing furniture that is the best!

  32. Wow, they turned out beautiful!! Love these...I have an old dining set I'm looking for inspiration are helping!! Thank you, Oh, and I am your newest follower!
    Debbie :)

    1. The love girly rose backs furniture is great. Have a look at them


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