Decisions, decisions... Chandeliers, Lamps, and Mirrors (oh my)

Just a sneak preview... 

I've been wanting to add some color to the master bedroom.  I just couldn't decide WHAT color.  The room is beige, tan brown and did I mention beige?  I tried adding ocean blue, pale yellow and red.  But none of them spoke to me, so my love of oil rubbed bronze won out!  (Yes, another neutral technically, but a dark one.  I'm working on my color phobia.)
(warning: bad photography ahead)

First, these lamps (boring white!)...

...then turned pale yellow (um, no) and back to white.  Then they became these (much better)!

The chandelier went from this... white (pretty enough).  Then...

...finally to this (love)! **

The gorgeous mirror had to start here... get here. (va-va-voom)

Now "Who's the Fairest", "Chandy" and "The Earrings" can all live happily ever after
(with their fun friend "Art")!  

Until I change my mind again!

** About the chain/cord cover for this chandelier... I was pretty darn proud of the no-sew version I'd made from white kitchen towels HERE; but THIS my friends, was a stroke of upcycling genius!!  I had an old queen-sized bedskirt that was black cotton.  I cut the black fabric off and as it turns out, the "skirt" portion was one long piece, just pleated on the corners and attached to another big white square of fabric.  So, the black portion ended up being 7 yards long AND it was wide enough to cut into half and therefore double!  I ended up using only about 3 yards for this project so I still have 11 yards left over for the next big lighting project!

It's just lucky that I use all of this creativity for good rather than evil!  HAHAHA!  (I was pretty proud of myself, though)

What do you think of my coordinating pieces?  I'd love your opinion!

I linked these fun transformations here:
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  1. Wonderful mirror transformation. Your room looks great too. Thanks for sharing with my newbie party.

  2. Thanks for the kind words Debbie and for hosting a great party!!

  3. I can't believe that mirror was only $5.99!! The room looks beautiful! Your newest fan!!

  4. @Sherika Lovett Alston
    Sherika, I know, right? If only all great finds were that inexpensive! Thank you!!

  5. Thank you for sharing, my families and I all like you article ,reading you article is our best love. bulbs suppliers

  6. If I found a mirror like that I would pass out! Beautiful!


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