The Project Heard 'Round the DIY World - Chandelier!

There are several fun do-it-yourself ideas that I've been really wanting to try, but the brass chandelier makeover is definitely at the top of the list.  I waited until I found the perfect one at ReStore for the sitting area of our master bedroom.  Here's what I chose.

Not too much detail, small enough to fit in the space and I love that sphere at the bottom - perfect!  I have to admit, it was love at first sight, which means I failed to notice the broken socket, lack of bulbs, funky wiring and missing white tubes.  (I'm sure there's a technical name for these, but I don't know it!)  Still, pretty foxy for $8, yes?

I've seen these painted every color, but I decided to go with white.  The room she's going to live in has a dark accent wall and way too much dark furniture.  I hung the light from the kids playset and in typical style, spray painted the heck out of it.

I repaired the socket with luck superglue and bought a lamp kit for $13.  It included a cord and plug, 2 hooks and a 12 ft chain.  This was perfect since I was hanging it somewhere with no existing fixture.  Once the wiring work was done, I felt like Charlie the Electrician (you know, Bob the Builder's cousin?) I was so proud!!

The next thing on the list was to make a cord/chain cover.  I love the way these look but then that whole issue of sewing (gasp!) came up again.  

So, the pretty white light sat waiting patiently, for days weeks....until I realized that this would be the perfect time to use fabric glue!!  Woo hoo!! Why didn't I think of that sooner?!?!?!  I took 2 white kitchen floursack towels and cut them into strips about 6 inches wide.  I glued them together end to end and had about 12 feet of fabric.  Then, I folded the sides together and glued, forming a seam and cut off the excess.  After it was dry, I turned the whole thing inside-out and VIOLA, a cord cover!

I'm really glad I added this to the room, such warm light!


Clearly the boring window treatments and popcorn ceiling could use some work!!  The bedroom update is almost complete!! 

I really want to know what you think - would you have gone with another color???


  1. This is super cute Lori. I LOVE turning other people's trash into a treasure. Great job! Your writing is also great! I too am intimidated by sewing. I have a machine, but also a big bottle of fabric glue. I think a printed fabric would also be fun.

  2. @Connie Stroebel
    Thanks for your kind words!! I love the idea of using a print (or maybe even a stripe?) for the chain cover! Now I want to do one for every fixture in the house! Thanks Connie!

  3. Hi Lori!!
    What a great project!! The chandelier came out just beautiful painted and love the cord cover too! So glad you came by to enter my giveaway~ make sure you follow my blog on Google friend connect on my sidebar to be entered to win!! Thanks so much- have a fantastic rest of the weekend! :)


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