Kitchen Cabinet Glazing

I always get inspired whenever we make the trip to visit my brother- and sister-in-law and their children in Tulsa. They live in a beautifully decorated home with a Tuscan feel, great antiques, rich window treatments and amazing architectural detail. Yet it never feels stuffy or "over-decorated"; in fact, there's an ease and a casualness that comes from knowing that everything works together to make a happy home!! On our last visit, I noticed the detail of the glazed cabinetry in the kitchen. I came home and decided that my kitchen cabinets were a bit dull and sun-faded, so I went to work glazing the whole room.

Our cabinets are a medium/warm color, so I glazed with black. I'd never glazed anything before, but once I got started, I could see myself doing the whole house! I will admit that this is probably the only project I've ever done that I'd consider SUBTLE! But, the change is great and it really gave depth and warmth to the kitchen and toned down the "shiny-ness".  (is that even a word?)

another before

and after

 I could see myself going nuts and taking on the whole house!  I haven't yet.
 Once the kitchen was done, I moved on to the guest bathroom.  I'll post pics soon!  What do you think?

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