School Project and Lamp Updates

Last night my 2nd Grader and I completed a school project using "arrays".  The assignment was to find arrays in our home and report on them.  I took the pictures for him; the one below is my favorite.  (unedited, sorry)

Gotta love those little Lego guys!

Remember my cute lamp makeover?  I decided to Mod Podge some scrapbook paper onto the shade rather than buy a new one.  I think it looks great, but I'd definitely do it differently next time!  I love the idea of changing it out, so I may use Shelley's tutorial at House of Smiths for a less permanent solution!  I love so many of the ideas in her blog, check it out!!

Another update:  I found 5 matching shades for my chandelier at ReStore but needed 6.  There was a 6th one there but it was white and had a slightly different texture.  I brought all of them home and brewed up some coffee to dye the white one to match.

How'd I do?
Can you guess which one was white?

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