Updating My Workspace - pretty painted table

I was looking for another chance to use that beautiful Blue Ocean Breeze (Krylon) color on another piece.  (See the dresser I originally painted in this color here.)
I already had a desk that would work, but it had an 80's look (minus the big hair).

I took the time to primer this piece because the finish was so smooth I thought the paint wouldn't stick.  Honestly, it was a waste of time and primer.  Even though I was wanting a clean look, I would've preferred all of the distressing to come through with the wood color than the white of the primer. (Live and learn!)

I glazed it a little and that helped.

This was the inspiration peice - a writing desk from Home Decorators

This is going to look great in my "room of requirement" - it becomes whatever I need it to be! (yes, a Harry Potter reference - what can I say, I have three boys!!)
Do you think I should glaze, or distress a little more?  I may end up with new pulls as well, aren't accessories are always a dilemma? 

This table was FEATURED!  WOO HOO!

I linked this project here:


  1. Very pretty piece! I struggle with prime or no prime too and usually prime it to make sure it sticks...but it does bug me about the white primer showing through...until I started tinting the primer.

  2. What did you mix with glaze? I absolutely love this look and you have inspired me to create the same. I had to refinish the top on my console table though because it was so badly beaten up. I'm curous though how you glazed this piece. I've never done that before. Did you just use the glaze as is or did you mix a stain or paint color with it? Thanks so much!! Great Job!

  3. It looks amazing! I know what Home Decorators piece you're talking about. I cut out the page from the catalog because I'm painting my vanity that looks like a desk, in Annie Sloan chalk paint in her turquoise blue. I'll use the picture from the catalog as a reference point.I'll be viewing yours as well. I love it! I guess you didn't have to re-do the top.
    Thanks for sharing and have a great new year!

    I am now following.


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