The Thrifty Weekend!

Okay, I'm going to jump right to the good part... The car was packed SO full (I take great pride in my packing abilities!) that I thought I might have to leave the kids at my Mom and Dad's house and come back for them later!!  (That would never really happen, by the way!)  I planned to get home, grab my camera for packing prowess evidence and then decide what project would come first.  Of course, in all my excitement, I failed to take a picture of the car full of goodies - but my husband witnessed it firsthand.  And laughed.  And rolled his eyes.  Of course.

I was so excited that I nearly forgot to take 'before' pics of some of the most fun finds!!    

We traveled to my parents' home and then out to their farm to take a break from all the thrifting.  I will say, it was a relaxing, fun trip.  AND I came home with chairs, frames, decor, mirrors, nail-head trim, sewing notions, a lantern, books, maps, globes, ornaments, paint supplies and a Cricut Cake machine!  I know you're jealous... well, you might be if you found out how little I spent on it all!!

Here are a few sneak peeks and a few pics from the farm.  Stay tuned to see it all magically transformed (the finds, not the farm)!!

Needing a little love!!

 I love her - she's so girly and swirly, and yes, $5.99.

 An overcast morning, but beautiful and serene nonetheless.

Cute sign - I couldn't agree more!

 Our new friend.

Not a cloud in the sky!  You know what they say about Kansas weather!

I was able to find some really unique frames for my gallery wall (not the best photo, sorry, they're all laid out on the floor).  Now all I have to do is recruit some help in hanging!  I'll post more when it's finished!


  1. okay, the chairs rock (i found 2 similar and haven't done squat with them yet) and i almost hate you for that mirror.


  2. Amy, you're so funny! I still haven't done anything with the chairs either! One has a couple of holes in the caining and I haven't a clue how to repair it.

    Can't wait to see what you're up to next!! - Lori


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