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I've been searching for a way to decorate the wall between the landing and 2nd floor of our home.  The east wall is covered by a huge window and the large south wall needed something with a lot of visual impact.  I wanted a gallery wall, but honestly, we know what we look like.  I found a few inspiration walls that used few (or no) pictures.  Perfect!  Here are a couple of my inspirations (many more on Pinterest HERE)

This gallery from 320 Sycamore is really well planned!  I secretly LOVE the yellow chairs flanking the buffet (maybe not so secretly anymore!)  It has everything; color, unique shapes, a street sign, and a globe to boot.  You didn't even see the globe, did you?

This color is fantastic and the idea of a mirror gallery is genius. I want to give credit for this one, but I found none.  If it's yours, please let me know so I can shout out your name and say thanks!!! 

Okay, so here's mine.  So far.  

My saintly hubby helped with the hanging and if you know him, you know I used up all my "helpful Hubby" credits for awhile!!

My goal is to "fill in" the gallery with small mirrors and other items.  I purposely spread the frames pretty far apart to save room for interesting finds (everything in life is a work in progress, right?) but I'm happy with the basic shape and that other thrifty mirror that started out dated and dirty gets to shine again.

Each frame has a unique shape, texture or angle.  
I went with basic black, would you have gone with another color?

This wall parties here:
Photobucket With A Shot Of Brandy


  1. Thank you, Lori! I love that orange one!!

  2. Beautiful wall! What an awesome start, can't wait to see all the wonderful finds you add! Thanks for linking up today!!

  3. I think it looks wonderful...it'll look fantastic once you're done. :)
    Thanks for the follow and the comment!
    I am following you now too.


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