Ch ch ch ch changes.. and a Chest of Drawers

I'm going to ask you a favor.

I'd love for you to "like" me, if you don't already.

I'm hoping to incorporate my "work smarter, not harder" mantra into my blog.

So, going forward, my blog will become secondary (audible gasp here) to my facebook page as a way to showcase my work.

I know, I know.  Look at me all bucking the trends and whatnot.

I promise to come back and write full posts whenever a project deserves more detail, more explanation, or maybe even has a before picture too hideous for the meek.

What I also promise is to be much more timely and consistent about adding photos of my work on Facebook!

I hope this works out as well for you as I'm hoping it works for me.

Thank you for being a friend!


  1. I am loving the way you painted the dresser leaving the wood and adding the aqua. Your neighborhood looks so pretty in the mirror photo too. I liked you.

  2. I'm whistling at that dresser. Woohoo it's a beauty.


  3. Love it! I will like you...but I never do much with I will miss your posts.

  4. This is so gorgeous! I am CRACKING up to myself here. I say this to myself every single time I work. I had never heard this saying before, when my assistant said it to me one day when we were desperately trying to open some stuck drawers. Now I say it all the time.

  5. I love this! What a beautiful....beautiful piece! I think the color is amazing! Thanks for sharing today!


  6. Really pretty use of color and stain - you do beautiful work!

  7. Liked your style! Follow each other on GFC?

  8. I find the colour very beautiful!


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