The Cheerleader

 Do you have a cheerleader?

Do you sometimes float along in life and forget that you need one?

Yesterday mine got me through a major funk.  I was disorganized, overwhelmed and stuck.

And just like she always does, my cheerleader said all of those magic things.

You know, those things that you KNOW in your heart and your head, but wow, does it ever make a difference to hear it from someone else?

When the doubt creeps in.  That's when you need your cheerleader.

I really hope you have one.

If you don't, send me an email.  I'll do my best to fill her cheerleader shoes for you.


  1. Accepting applications for cheerleaders!! I have some great ones in my life but the more the merrier! Hope you are having a great day!!

  2. I am lucky to say I have a great cheerleader! But if I'm ever in need I'll be emailing you :)

  3. I hope my girls (sons too) feel that way about me. When I die if the world says nothing more about me than I was a good mom and kind to my friends I will die very happy.


  4. This is so sweet!!! I don't have a cheerleader, unless you count my husband, but he is more like a coach giving a pep talk. I want one of these, I might hint at my girls it would be such a nice things for them to do for me.....


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