Little Metallic Whatchamacallit

I've wanted to try metallic paint for awhile and this small dresser/buffet/nightstand/entry table/whatchamacallit seemed like the perfect victim.

Oh, you weren't expecting a REAL before photo were you?

It took a LOT of sanding and a few million coats of primer to get it perfectly smooth.

It's such a cute little thing, but too small to really hold much in the way of clothes.

So it became my whatchamacallit.

Also, thanks to Amy from The Salvage Collection for sharing with me (a LONG time ago) the idea to use these doors so that you all don't have to look at my driveway in every photograph!!

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  1. This looks great! What paints did you use? I think I would like to try this. Linda

  2. you got some hot doors, chick! love that glitzy metallic, too!! woo-hoppin'-hoo!!

  3. This is tres chic! And so timely too! I have to do a chair in silver metallic paint and I have been putting it off, like say three months now. Poor client, too patient with me. Can I ask what brand you used and any tips? I need to do this ASAP. My excuses are all used up and I think her patience is too.

  4. Great finish Lori! And those doors are might sexy too. That Amy chick knows her stuff :)

  5. Metallic paint is a beast to use, so good job!!!

  6. love your watchmacalit looks fabulous


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