The Humor in Craigslist

It's probably no secret that I love Craigslist.  With only one exception, I've found that the people who buy and sell on Craigslist are nice, genuine people.

Finding an antique or vintage piece that was unloved or unneeded, fixing it up and giving it drama and a new life makes me a happy, happy girl! (A few examples: here, here, and here)

But let's be honest, Craigslist is also pretty darn funny.  *disclaimer:  I'm about to poke fun at a few people, so if you're sensitive to that sort of thing, just look away.  I'm not perfect and don't expect anyone else to be, but this stuff is just funny.

Craigslist is full of typos, grammatical, and spelling errors. "Dinning Room Table" and  "Chair for sell" are common.  I get it.  People are in a hurry, who has time for spelling and grammar, right?

But, I have to give a shout-out to an entire population of people who give a guy named Chester a LOT of credit.  Almost daily I see this....

Chester?  Really?  It's so common.  Maybe this post can serve as a public service announcement.  It is an upright chest, with drawers people!  Or maybe, unbeknownst to me, in certain parts of the county a Chest of Drawers DOES pay homage to the Great Chester, Builder of Drawers.

Here are two more of my favorites...


Mirrows and Draws.  Yes.

Now, I'll admit, I freely exchange the terms dresser and chest of drawers and some furniture purists are probably poking fun at me.  But that's okay because I LIKE fun!  Don't you?



  1. I have so thought of doing a post about this. It is so funny! I find the pictures even funnier...with beer cans in the background or the other day I was looking at a buffet with the bathroom door and toilet in the background! Seriously...can you not see that in the picture before you post it? lol Growing up in the south...I only learned a few years ago it wasn't a chester drawer! LOL

  2. This is HILARIOUS! I see these posts all of the time and have to giggle. I am glad you posted about it... you had me laughing out loud! Too funny!

  3. LOL I check Craigslist daily (ok sometimes hourly) and I see this too! Grammatical errors are always a good laugh. I need to pay attention to what's commonly misspelled in listing in my area. Thanks for the laugh!

  4. Y'all ah jest from a diffent pawt ah the country! A lot of folks don't say those syllables heah! Ah ahdow mah dressah. It has fow draws! An' ah love mah mirrow too! ;)

  5. This is hilarious!!!! I wish I had a waterfall chest, even a tiny trickling stream of a chest would be nice.......I have a flat front contemporary chest.

    Craigslist is one of my favorite forms of free entertainment. I get way too much joy from the awful, and ugly things people put up there for sale, and ask a ton of money for!!!!! I always wonder, does anyone actually buy that entire dining set made out of concrete, that was painted shiny black, in perfect condition, that you paid $1,000's for, but are selling for only $300?????


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